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A university professor, after very many years of study came home. On arrival he met a village boy at the river bank. The little boy ferry people across the sea for money. No sooner had professor boarded the boy's canoe than the following interogation began:
Prof: "Did you read philosophy?"
The Boy:"No"
Prof: "You are useless in the world"
Prof: "What about psychlogy?"
The Boy: "No"
Prof: "You are a waste"
Prof: "Did you read phamacology?
The Boy: "No"
Prof: "You are good for nothing"
After a while there was excessive wave and the canoe was shaking to capsize.
The boy quicky abandoned the prof to fate. The helpless prof was in great fear, yelling at the litte bot for help.The Boy asked him " Prof, have studied Swimmology?" Now you are the one finished.

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